They Waited to See Her

Hello and glory to God. If you’ll recall, the last post talked about how our waiting can be quite an experience all its own. Weeks ago, Queen Elizabeth II mourners had lines to see her hours long. Her reign in England had touched so many over the years that the masses wanted one more chance to see her and say good bye and was willing to stand in line no matter how long it took to reach their goal. Articles maintained that there was a twenty-hour wait after her passing on September 29th, 2022. Can you imagine standing in a line for so long, feet probably hurting, even wondering if you’d ever get to see the Queen one last time. But what do we do while we wait? Do we remember the good things the Queen did, or do we turn back abandoning the idea altogether?

The same can be said for when we are in a waiting period for God to bring a promise to pass for us. God is the finisher and author of every good thing, that includes our very lives! That means that we can count on and believe in Him, even if everyone else in our lives have let us down. God seeks us to wait on Him, no matter how long it takes. The question is, are we willing to wait on Him and then what do while we wait? Are we willing to be patient enough to have faith in Him that He hasn’t forgotten about us and His promises to us?

I don’t believe that the question isn’t can we wait. Because people wait overnight even for the latest electronics, cell phones, even concert tickets just to see amazing concerts and bands. They bring comfortable chairs or even tents just to be the first in line after waiting extensive amounts of time for their favorite performers. I remember going to see a James Taylor concert years ago in school with a friend and her mom. What did we do while we drove to the venue, anticipating the concert? We talked about the singer and we sang songs and played the very music the singer would sing to us at the concert. We got ready! We did so with joy! And we were happy to do it!

So the next time I find myself waiting for something from the Lord that, I’m not going to just sit there anymore twidling my fingers, I’m going to Praise His Holy name. I’m going to remember the amazing things He’s done for me already. I’m going to praise Him for the promises that He’s got for me! I’m going to testify to His wonderful name that God does indeed love me, and He loves you too.

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  1. Your analogies are spot on! Hopefully we shall remember what is the real essence of our lives and encourage others to do so. The journey of waiting may be long, and HOW we wait is essential to our well being.

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