Unto Us A Child Is Born

Isaiah 9:6

Our God, our Abba Father so loved this world and each of us, that He gave His only begotten son Jesus so that we could have so much including salvation, and a life of goodness, since God is good. And of course we’re all looking forward to enjoying Heaven for eternity.

Although Jesus the Son of God was placed on a cross for all of our sins, He had even asked if the cup could be removed from his hands, because He knew the suffering He would have to endure. But it was the Father’s will for Christ to go through what He’d gone through. So we must remember that with every drop of blood that the Lord sacrificed for us we are healed, we are brought into a righteous relationship with our Father God.

So as we celebrate vacations, family, loved ones, and the blessings in the season, let’s remember the reason for the season. It is only because of what Jesus has done for us on the cross that we can draw closer to God Abba Father and have the promise to enjoy an eternity with our Lord and Savior Jesus forever. Thank You Jesus. We love you! We’re thankful for YOU!

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